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“Just because you wear your hair in a mum bun doesn’t mean that you don’t want great hair.”

If you’re wearing your hair in a mum bun right now and wondering if a mobile hairdresser is the solution to your hair woes then you’re in the right place.

Here at the Wellness Society Co. we have curated a list of trusted stylists who are happy to come to you.


Finding time for you again

They don’t care if your house is a mess and the laundry is piled on the dining table.

They don’t mind that they’ll have to stop so you can pick up the baby or that your three-year-old is asking constant questions.

In fact, they know that you’re tight on precious alone time. And they are there to help find time for you again.

No more trawling through facebook for recommendations


I started the Wellness Society Co. because like you, I wanted to get my hair cut. My hairdresser had moved overseas and I needed to find someone new.

But finding a stylist I could trust and get an appointment with around nap times or on precious weekends was tricky.

I’d seen people asking for recommendations of home hairdressers on Facebook and thought I’d do the same. But finding the right person who could fit around me was difficult and it took me more than three months.

So, I started the Wellness Society Co. to make things easier for you to find stylists who will help find time for you again.

A place where you can find trusted wellness professionals and help make you feel like you again.

So welcome, and I hope this is the start of a new relationship for you with a trusted local provider finding time for you again.

Finding time for you again

Lindsey xx